Ajanta HC: Why we exist

Ajantahc’s mission is to promote, exhibit and offer the beauty of Indian Culture, Art and Heritage to the World.

We are offering our users an opportunity to own a piece of ancient Indian culture and heritage, in the form of some of the greatest paintings ever created by Indian artists over thousands of years ago. In addition, we are also promoting Indian contemporary art to the world.

These never seen before unique paintings have been restored to the highest quality in a way that they speak to our hearts and help elevate our consciousness.

Our dedicated users can own a piece of Indian art and heritage. Perhaps, one of the features of Indian art is not only its historical importance but the story that unfolds on its paintings. The great Indian artists were all experts at telling stories through their works of art.

By examining Indian artworks from the past, we can rewind time and experience what a time different from our own was like. Accordingly, our users can procure a piece of history which is close to their hearts and keep it for eternity. The Indian Heritage & culture has been made more accessible using Technology by creating a sublime audio-visual experience.

The Paintings are restored to its glory using digital technology and are being served with bespoke spiritual music to heighten your consciousness. Stories, Podcasts, articles are available to make this experiential journey more enriching. Come and enjoy the bliss...

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Ask the Guru - Our resident Indian Art and Culture experts answer your questions of a wide range of topics.

India's place in the world

In this ever-connected world, what significance does India play? Through its cultural significance in different cultures across the world, through its various heroes celebrated for their efforts, and through the power of its art, India gives the world an opportunity to deep dive into their consciousness.

Ajanta HC offers a place for cultural exchange and interaction for ancient artworks, paintings, and photography. With visitors from across the globe, we are bringing Indian culture to the masses crossing boundaries and cultures.

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India- the Cultural Center of Major Faiths

India is home to many cultures and religions from different parts of the world. Likewise, India is the birthplace of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. The Indian cultural sphere could be witnessed in many Asian countries which have been historically influenced by Indian culture for thousands of years.