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Famous ancient Indian Poets and musicians

“Rhythm and Harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul”— Plato

The above-quoted line unquestionably justifies Indian classical music and the fascinating hands of the legends who not only made India proud with their soulful voice but also engraved their names in the golden history of Indian classical music and also in Music on Indian Heritage. Indian classical musicians have created an atmosphere of mood, enhanced an era of music, and contributed condolences to the hearts of humans through their passionate voices. They have created an immortal impact in the hearts of their audiences who have only recognized the music with their closed eyes.

Indian Classical music had many patterns such as classical, folk, and pop music. India has been revered by a number of god-gifted musicians, who enchanted listeners from around the world with their art. Below we mentioned some legendary musicians who are considered to be the best…


Miyan Tansen or Ramtanu Pande was an outstanding figure in the history of Media on Indian heritage and Hindustani classical music. The Hindu son is globally famous as a composer, musician, and vocalist. He has been associated in the northern regions of the Indian subcontinent with a large number of compositions.

At the age of 11, he took lessons from the great musician Swami Haridas and became a considerable singer of his time. Swami Haridas made him a great instrumentalist and Tansen made the world of instruments more better and popular with his fascinating hands.

Mughal Emperor Akbar contemplated him as Navaratnas(nine jewels) because Tansen’s voice was so strong that he could brainstorm with his songs and lift up a diya by singing.

Swami Haridas

In the history of Media on Indian Heritage, Swami Haridas was considered a spiritual poet and classical musician. He was well-known for his Dhrupad-style composition of music. His works were the symbol of leverage for both classical music and the Bhakti movements of North India. He had many pupils but Tansen was his best weapon in Music history.


Surdas was a curtain Hindu devotional poet and a musician, well known for the devotional songs of Lord Krishna. He praises Krishna in every moment of his life through his singing power which is the true symbol of Vaishnavism and he respects the Vaishnava tradition. His songs about Krishna are totally blind for the devotees. He has taken inspiration from Vallabha Acharya Mahaprabhuji, according to the history Sudras a great follower of him.

A book was written to attribute him and his poems are attached to this book. The name of the book was “The book Sur Sagar”.

Baiju Bawra

Bajinath Mishra or Baiju Bawra was a Dhrupad musician and his contributions to Music on Indian Heritage were the symbol of the Mughal period. According to the Media on Indian Heritage, he lived in Mughal emperor Akbar’s period while Tansen is his other competitor of music in Akbar’s Rajsabha. Apart from this, he was also a court musician of Man Singh Tomar of Gwalior.


The life of Tulsidas was not well known globally but many legends are connected with the life of Tulsidas. He was an abandoned son by his parents and an ascetic gave him the name Tulsidas.

He is well known for his writing strategy and composition of six major works. The best among them is Ramcharitmanas, the story of Lord Ram. Tulsidas was a famous Sanskrit scholar and he wrote Ramcharitmanas in the Sanskrit Language and it has been renowned as “ the tallest tree at the magic garden of medieval Indian poetry”. Tulsidas is one of the greatest poets in the Media on Indian Heritage.

Kabir Das

Kabir Das is the first Indian saint revered by Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs. He was believed that the true God is with the person who is on the path of righteousness. According to him, every life has a relationship with two spiritual assumptions, Jivatma and Paramatma.

The poetry of Kabir is simple but deep and easy to understand for the common people. He always added morality to his poetry so that his readers could easily get moral lessons and spend their lives as good men.


Meera or Mirabai is famous for her Hindu mystic poetry and a blind devotee of Supreme Lord Krishna. She is venerated as saint Mirabai because she was a celebrated Bhakti Saint.

It is said that Mirabai was a follower of Lord Krishna in her past life as Lalita but in Kaliyug she was born again as Meera. But the enthusiasm power of her about Lord Krishna is the same as we know about Lalita. Her poetry is a great symbol of devotion to Krishna.

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