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Painting Shows Our Origin Buddha

The Bodhisattva Prince Vishvantara is the last birth of the Buddha before he is born as Siddhartha who gained enlightenment. He is depicted through stories on the Ajanta Caves, in some of the greatest depictions of any culture. Ajanta Caves act as the gateway to the modern culture of various countries in Asia and hold the key to our understanding of who we are.

What this painting also does, is that it takes us into the story of Prince Vishvantara before his birth as Siddhartha, showing to us how our moral values, knowledge, beliefs, experiences and future expectations, are in a state of constant evolution. Various stories of Ajanta Caves depict the moral paradigm of people, and so does this picture. 

When we do a deep dive into the picture, we realise how the art form used in the picture is also speaking the language of moral philosophy that it wishes to convey. In the process, this picture teaches us a lot about the evolution of paradigms during our current existence and future births (if we believe in the same). 

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