About Us

UITV’s AJANTAHC and SAPIO ANALYTICS have joined forces to digitize, restore, and preserve for eternity ancient heritage associated with the culture of India and other Asian countries. We help create a world that can take us back to the original glory of the ancient culture of India through digital technologies.

In order to make the world aware of the power and beauty of this culture, we have jointly created a platform for “Culture & Heritage”, thus making sure that all Indians in India including people of Indian origin abroad and Asians across Asia are made aware of their cultural connections with India.

A large-scale heritage conservation effort has been carried out by the Indian government but that could not help mitigating the continuing degradation of the paintings and murals and some of the greatest creations of humankind, such as the Ajanta Caves. While it is not possible to do anything on the actual cave paintings, a lot can be done virtually using advanced technology. For this purpose, there is a need to create a digital copy of the paintings and those can be reconstructed digitally so that its heritage value and beauty can be retained for posterity.

Sapio Analytics is a new age technology company working on using latest digitalisation, automation, and artificial intelligence technologies for heritage art restoration.

Sapio has also partnered with a Norwegian company to help them in long term storage of digitally restored images so that the heritage art paintings can be preserved for eternity. This Norwegian company called PIQL has created a system where the files are physically stored in magnetic tapes inside a vault in the permafrost of Arctic area called Arctic World Archive, where they are safe from damage, pilfering, loss for eternity.

Any interested party, on request, will be given a full explanation about the history of the Paintings, the Artists involved and Sapio’s major role in this unique venture.

A zoom conference is available to our dedicated users from our offices in Mayfair in London, Mumbai, India and Bangalore, India to discuss their personal requirements about the paintings, the copyrights and all will be explained to them during our conference call.

Our number one goal is to promote and offer the beauty of Indian Culture, Art, and Heritage to the world.

And, in this journey, we are supported by a huge community of art historians, photographers, researchers, artists and cultural heroes (part of Sapio Heritage Restoration Division’s Ecosystem), along with a number of experts who are guest contributors to Ajanta HC. Meet some of our Guest Contributors here.