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Amish Tripathi: Time for India to write its own Story

In this widely loved speech by Shri Amish Tripathi, author and diplomat, at the historic event of revelation of earliest surviving Hindu painting, we are given a message that shall stay with us forever.

Spoken at the event where Sapio Analytics revealed the works of legendary photographer, filmmaker and international authority on ancient art Shri Benoy K Behl, to set correct the narrative of the traditions of Indian Art. It was long believed that Indian art tradition establishing complex technicalities and emotions began with the invasions in the medieval times. This false narrative was busted through revelation of some of the greatest artworks ever created by humankind, photographed and restored with innovative technologies.

This event marked the significance of ancient Indian art in the world, as the event was attended by dozens of countries, and the revelation was sent out to hundreds of countries’ representatives.

India has started writing its own story, based on the power of technology and works of legends.

Credits to support from Shri Amish Tripathi.