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Explore the Divinity In Ourselves

The Pitalkhora Caves are in the Satamala range of the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, India. The caves are an ancient Buddhist site and consist of 14 rock-cut cave monuments which date back to the third century BCE. These caves have paintings that open our eyes to the culture that dominates Asia today, the culture that originated from India, through Buddhism.

This painting, showing a divine face, is one of the many unique depictions of divinity in humans, as perceived by Buddhist scholars. This particular painting, belonging to the 5th century CE, has been photographed by Benoy Behl, using his innovative techniques of photography in low light, captured in a manner that accentuates the forms of divinity, helping us understand what it takes to explore our own attributes of divinity. The digital restoration of the painting allows us to see attributes which would currently be inaccessible and unfathomable to anyone trying to see the painting at the caves. 

Notice the eyes, the hair, the mild smile and the halo. This is the state of bliss and satisfaction, generated through a genuine selfless care for the outwardly and true compassion for the surroundings, as seen through the eyes in the painting. 

Watching this painting (in its high resolution format) for hours, trying to decipher the attributes of divinity, by looking within and yet caring for the outside world, helps us understand more about our existence and purpose in life. 

These ancient pictures help us decode our existence and purpose, while being an important part of our culture. If you wish to elevate your consciousness and own a part of our culture, explore this page Digital Visual Platform

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