Glimpses of Art

Our Spirit of Caring & Compassion

The Ajanta Caves, located in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, India, is the gateway to cultures of the entire Asia. The paintings on Ajanta Caves are widely regarded to be some of the greatest artworks ever created by human beings. The value of these paintings lie in their power to tell stories of the culture that opens up many keys to our existence in the modern world. Through the stories, we also get lessons of our lives and our moralities. 

This particular picture depicts a story that is a critical moment in the evolution of Buddhism. We can see two men looking compassionately towards the prince and princess as they depart from the city, renouncing their material possessions giving them all away. What we see in the eyes and face of these men, in a situation that is analogous to many situations we face today in our current existence, instills in us a spirit of caring and compassion that define the world of the times of Ajanta. 

A detailed perusal of the minute attributes of this painting, that belongs to the 5th century CE, and has been photographed and digitally restored by the legendary photographer and art historian, Benoy Behl, helps us truly appreciate this artwork.

Art can help us find and channelize our spirit of caring and compassion, it is the guru that can guide us to our successful future. 

These ancient pictures help us learn the basics of a happy life, while being an important part of our culture. If you wish to elevate your consciousness and own a part of our culture, explore this page Digital Visual Platform

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