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Human Life as Filters of Purity

The most acceptable scientific theory of the birth of the universe is the Big Bang theory whereby the Universe is said to be ever-expanding. Something is constantly forming and transforming from one form of energy into another whereby energy is being neither created nor destroyed. With this same principle of the universe, the Life in the universe too is constantly expanding on the path of Evolution, towards higher, more refined life forms. So we, the humans, are the link in these times for the evolution of the next step of evolution.

So how do we contribute to this process of Evolution of the nature consciously?We can be the crusaders of the Nature’s mission by activating ourselves as Filters. Why are we Filters? The purity of material into its essential nature happens through filtering process in the nature. Spring water is pure as it filters through rocks. Honey is filtered from flowers by bees. Life supporting Oxygen is filtered from air by the lungs. Sun-rays filtered by leaves become source of food. Likewise, human too are natural born filters. Question is what are we filtering and how? As said earlier, we are not end product in ourselves but link for next step of evolution. And this world is real, life is real, problems are real and this reality is very very real. But everything is scattered, ambiguous and stained with impurities. So we have to understand ourselves as the natural filters who have been given an Intellect, 5 senses and a thought process to constantly filter the ambiguous realities into purer form of realisation and wisdom which will be added to next generation of evolution.

The collection of such Purified form of realities is like a Pure Honey collected and filtered from the innumerable flowers. In science, such filtered purity is Newtons Law or e=mc2 or any other scientific principles and laws…which were deduced after years and years of filtering process of experimentation and mathematical analysis. In Spiritual Dimension, such filtering process of thoughts , emotions and desires is walking on the path of Enlightenment. The more we filter reality into its essence, the more of wisdom and harmonious ways of living life emerges … the index of Happiness , Peace and Harmony increases. Because its about reality, this index reflects in all aspects of our life… personal, professional, relationships, finance , health, knowledge …in everything …as joy, happiness, peace, prosperity and stability …above all …the protection …So are we everyday fulfilling our mission of Filtering Reality as given to us by the nature? The best way to fulfil this mission is to follow the nature’s way…the nature’s law…And the most fundamental law of the nature is the law of cause and effect. All scientific laws are deduced as the law of cause and effect. So what could be the better method than this law of the nature to filter reality into its Honey ?

Thus by practicing a mind-focusing on the law of the nature everyday day ,we can keep on filtering all realities of the life into its essence. This is the secret of “the enlightenment in progression”. And remember that the Honey of this Filtered Reality of Human Mind is used by the Nature for its Eternal Mission of Evolution. So lets fulfil our Primary Duty of Evolution above all our other duties. Such kind of an Aligned Life with Nature’s Mission, we experience theTrue Self , Absolute Happiness and Eternity – the virtues of Enlightened Buddha .


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Milind K Ukey

Milind K Ukey is a Film Writer, Director, Producer and Educator in Bollywood. Basically a Mechanical engineer, post-graduated in Film Direction from prestigious Film and TV Institute of India, Pune. He started his career as Associate Director with prolific film director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. He independently directed 10 feature films in Hindi and Marathi including famous films like PAATHSHAALA ( Shahid Kapoor, Nana Patekar) , HANUMAN ( First Bollywood Animation film), DEVAKI ( 27 awards) , DEHRAADUN DIARY, MONSOON FOOTBALL, etc.

He is an active practitioner and teacher of Nichiren Buddhism of Lotus Sutra. Through a brand name SCI SPI LIVING - VIDHYATM, he is developing an interpretation of Buddhist Concepts in the realm of Natural Sciences.

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