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FAITH is Tool of Survival

Faith is not a feeling or a thought. Faith is a virtue that we are born with. An ability in us to move on in uncertain, unseen , unheard , unexperienced reality which is yet to happen. It’s a weapon to fight and tool to survive. When we don’t understand “faith” and use it , it becomes superstition. Faith, though mystic and unexplained , needs constant validity through understanding and experiences.

Faith is a wisdom from the future. If we have to believe the Theory of Relativity of science that the Time as in past, present and future get suspended in infinite gravity of a black hole, then we can extend this logic that the infinite gravity of the LIFE FORCE also holds past, present and future simultaneously into its stride. Hence deeper part of our mind ( not easily understood by the surface intelligence of mind) can connect with the gravity of LIFE FORCE to have this wisdom from the future. This mystic signal or feeling or wisdom from the deeper mind without analytical thought process can be called as FAITH which becomes the foundation for the concert action – what we call “ action based on faith despite adverse situations “

Lets take example of the birds, namely, cranes or flamingoes from Siberia. Due to severe winter, every year they fly from Siberia to Kutch in Gujarat, India . Thats 5,000 km approximately. How can birds tiny as those, without any GPS, any maps or training , travel that far and come back home after winter is over ? What is that mechanism? What is that virtue / capacity / software which calculates the path to the destination not yet seen or heard and yet theyreach there by travelling that path ?

If that Nameless, Beyond-thoughts Virtue or Software is so effective in primitive form of life in birds …then how much more this Virtue or Software would be strong , evolved and advanced in the higher life form in humans ? So do we know about this Virtue / Software in us ? How to access it and how to use it to our benefit in day to days life ,to achieve our goals and dreams ?

Faith can be a name given to this Survival Virtue , an Integrated Software in mind. Buddha calls it, The Ninth Level of Consciousness , present in each and ever human being. When mind is focused on Goodness, Joy and Happiness embedded with Benevolence and Harmony, the Faith arises which guides us on right , protective and beneficial path. With malice , fear , greed and anger which give rise to only selfish desires makes the faith into a superstition ,opening path that leads to darkness.

The idea of correct spiritual teaching is to evoke this mystic virtue / software called Faith in us. That’s why 54 stages of Bodhisattva practices of True Wisdom , Happy Life and Final Enlightenment have first ten stages of only evoking, understanding and practicing Faith as preached by Lord Buddha .


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Milind K Ukey

Milind K Ukey is a Film Writer, Director, Producer and Educator in Bollywood. Basically a Mechanical engineer, post-graduated in Film Direction from prestigious Film and TV Institute of India, Pune. He started his career as Associate Director with prolific film director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. He independently directed 10 feature films in Hindi and Marathi including famous films like PAATHSHAALA ( Shahid Kapoor, Nana Patekar) , HANUMAN ( First Bollywood Animation film), DEVAKI ( 27 awards) , DEHRAADUN DIARY, MONSOON FOOTBALL, etc.

He is an active practitioner and teacher of Nichiren Buddhism of Lotus Sutra. Through a brand name SCI SPI LIVING - VIDHYATM, he is developing an interpretation of Buddhist Concepts in the realm of Natural Sciences.

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