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Harappan Civilization was lettered, with its unique alphabets and script, reveals scientific research


We exclusively bring to our readers the second part of revelation of Harappan Heritage (read the first article here) through the efforts of Dr Puneet Gupta who has decoded the alphabets (vowels, consonants, diacritical marks & syllables) used in the Harappan civilization and has discovered the script that is critical to our understanding of ancient India.

Have we been brain-washed with history that has not been accurately researched? The solution of this lies in data driven scientific research. For example, there have been many theories floating around the origin of the Harappan civilization; and historians are divided on the same. But a decoding of the Harappan script gives an answer to this question that has perennially divided intellectuals. 

With the efforts of Dr Gupta, brought to you by Ajanta HC, through a research based on scientific models invented by Dr Gupta, we finally have some solutions. 

We ask the readers to go through the research with an open mind, and discuss the same with us, if you have any thoughts contrary to these opinions. We are open to expand our research further by incorporating more thought processes. 

Present below are some salient features of this research:

  • Gupta model breakthrough of Harappan script establishes the Samadhi Tantra Yog as well as parallel ancient India Vedic culture that had already originated within ancient India likely before Harappan writing phase. This combo culture continued through 3000 BC Harappan civilization and remain in continuum (with additional sects of Jainism) till present Modern India.
    • The theory of non-indigenous Vedic invaders, establishing the non-indigenous Vedic culture for first time in India around 1500 BC, makes use of long forgotten & greatly reshuffled alphabets of Harappan script of ancient India which had transformed beyond recognition so much so that no one could read it during British India. So, is the theory correct?
  • The Harappan script alphabets remain an unsolved challenge and enigma in academic and political domains; nearly more than 150 years from discovery of first Harappan object by Charles Mason of East India Company.
  • Harappan inscription has been decoded as individual letters, alphabets, vowel, consonants, diacritical as well as syllables, words, & sentences by innovative Gupta human biology hypothesis. This hypothesis has been presented by leading cancer specialist of India, Dr Puneet Gupta (MBBS, MD, DNB, DM).
    • Gupta hypothesis clarifies the genesis of letters of Harappan civilization as well as letters in prehistoric distant caves of Europe, India, Easter Islands, Hittite etc., and Tamil Brahmi, Ashok Brahmi, Gurmukhi, etc. This is because all constructs have strong scientific basis behind their structuring, says Dr Gupta.
  • The Gupta decoding reveals various ancient events depicted in different Harappan objects; through art and inscriptions; related to warrior Avatar Parashurama, warrior son of Shiva named Karti-Keya, Mata Tripura Sundari tradition. 
    • The Harappans were a Yog Samadhi Tantra and Vedic based religious community striving for spiritual transformation & Moksha. Harappans had both Vedic as well as Samadhi Yog traditions in parallel, both pursuing the divine transformation through Holy light and Holy word.   
  • His decoding reveals the Harappan deeply rooted in Datt-atreya Samadhi Yog ideology. Datt-atreya means the son of sage Atri (in Vedic Sanskrit) & A-tri, means one beyond three gunas (in Vedic Sanskrit). Datt tradition inscriptions and art had spread all over major walled inhabitation of Dholavira, Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro, Ganeri-wala, Kalibanga, Mehrgarh, Lothal & continue to survive in Modern India as an ideology that treats every human being capable of attaining Moksha by grace of spiritual Master facilitating transformation holy word and holy light. 

Gupta biological hypothesis of Harappan script has deciphered following inscriptions with the most vital impact factor in ancient India history.

No. Before Gupta breakthrough of Harappan script alphabets After Gupta breakthrough of Harappan language and vowels, consonants etc.
1. 10,000 USD challenge to decode seal with inscriptions; sponsored by three Americans, with claim that inscriptions are not likely to be a script at all as Harappan was not a lettered civilization. Inscriptions describe in detail one of the Vedic festivity that is still celebrated throughout India even till date.
2 Dholavira board inscriptions presumed by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, describing a place of repute as board is facing a large stadium like arena. Inscriptions describe the city blessed by the divine blessings of Adee Yog Guru Shri Datt, the Saviour. 
3 Dholavira Stone inscriptions  Inscriptions describe the great character of town dwellers. 
4 Israel Haifa Shipwreck Tin ingots inscriptions likely having name of the owner. Inscriptions describe the owner of the ingots.
5. Pashupati Mohenjo Daro seal allegedly assigned Yogi in asana as Shiva or proto-shiva by some or a non-Hindu war  Makhanasana or Indra by others etc. inscriptions describe the ancient tradition of Samadhi and teleportation by Yog Guru Datt-Atreya as mentioned in later traditional text of Datt Vajra Kavach (Geeta press Gorakhpur)
6 Pashupati Mehrgarh seal allegedly assigned to Yogi in Samadhi or non- Hindu God by a few. Inscriptions describe the ancient event of Guru Datt when visited by Avatar Parashurama to be adopted as disciple to master 16 letter mantra of Adee Mata Tripura. Parshuram is surprised to see Yog guru Datt being served the divine drink (amrit  yielding immortality) by two celestial nymphs sitting on Dattatrya laps (holy text Tripura Rahasya).
7 Pasupati mantra seal portray Rudra or Proto shiva art.  Inscriptions describe mantra still used by Yog Tri-murti Guru Dutt and Tri-Pura sundri tradition.
8 Pleiades human sacrifice seal allegedly associated with horrifying descriptions of human sacrifice traditions by Harappan people (otherwise claimed to be unaware of war and war tools). Inscriptions describe the art on the seal related to an event very well described in great details in very many ancient and later Hindu texts as handing over of newborn Kumar or Kartikeya to seven foster mothers; six of whom (called Kritika) breast fed six headed Kumar.(text Skand Puran, Skand Upanishad) 
9 Mackay EJH (1938) Mohen-jo-daro seal Mc 74 describe some king cum God. Inscriptions describe basic Vedic concept of attaining moksha(Mandukay Upanishad)
10 Bhu devi delivery seal allegedly delivering an un-natural object (medicinal plant) from her birth canal (demeaning ancient Ayurveda) Inscriptions describe special form of nature personified ( Mother Tripura Sundari) tradition responsible to bear a safe child delivery & describe the umbilicus attached to newborn. 
11 Two tigers seal (standing Deity holding two standing tigers); Inscriptions describe the ancient Hindu Goddess Adi Devi cult.
12 5 Swastikas Indus seal allegedly confused with swastikas of remote distant regions brought to Hindu tradition by outsiders. Inscriptions describe the Moksha and astronomy of revolving celestial bodies around an axial object well known to ancient astronomers as Samrit marg  of Datt or Akash Marg of Jain tradition.. The five axis takes one unto  Kingdom of Divine light through holy word & holy light;land for enlightened ones (Aryans being the one who follow; praja Arya jotira-grah; Rig Veda verse meaning children of Arya are the ones led by divine light).
13 Copper Hoard anthropomorphs of Purana Qila 2005 Inscriptions describe the ritual associated with cremation ceremony; Vedic Hindu ritual related with Garud Puran & science of death in Rigved.
14 Indus like script on UFO Rendlesham forest 1980 case study Inscriptions describe the ancient Hindu deity well associated with flying in sky.
15 Table of lion inscriptions very similar to proto-Harappan script and allegedly called Elamite by a few authors. Inscriptions describe the earlier ancient Hindu deity of around 5000 BC culture leading to Moksha.


Based on the revelation of the above-mentioned inscriptions, we get close to the answer of where we come from, and the traditions that define our modern beliefs, and help us understand ourselves in a better way.

The decoding of the Harappan scripts brings us further closer to the belief that Harappans were indigenous Aryan themselves and questions the relevance of non-Indigenous Aryan migration or invasion theory, thus settling the debate around the Aryan theory. 

Can the story of all aspects of our origins be settled once and for all? No, we need more inscriptions’ decoding and further scientific research to start framing our closing thoughts. Ajanta HC will bring to you the next chapters based on these innovations by Dr Gupta. 

But definitely, the Aryan Migration Theory as well as the Aryan Invasion Theory are brought into question now, proving historians may have had an agenda while floating those. We will bring out the realities of our origins through continued research and scientific decoding of Harappa using our exclusive interactions with Dr Puneet Gupta. 

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