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Sadhana Yogalakshmi: Dedicated to spread joy, self love and peace through her creation

Sadhana Yogalakshmi
Sadhana Yogalakshmi

In this article, we cover a legend of spiritual music. We talk about her journey with the hope that it inspires our readers to embrace our calling.

Sadhana Yogalakshmi, also known as Naad Dhyan yogini, shares and spreads her spiritual knowledge and healing energy through sound  with her mellifluous voice and her musical creation. Passionate about life and her celebration. Her creative force touches broad spheres of life from poet, song writer, artist to healer. She is an eminent and unique combination of a soulful singer, music composer and IT entrepreneur.

She has composed music for Sanskrit stotra, mantra and several bhajans. Simplicity and divinity flow through every creation of hers. She has written several Sufi, English and Marathi poems. Her book of Marathi Poems “Meera” got published in Pandharpur in 2017.  Her first CD “Inner Balance” was approved for release with TIMES SPIRITUAL. But Nyasaa decided to release all her work including  30 transformational albums in different languages through own media channel and mobile app.

Art therapy, such as painting, drawing, intuitive chant and clay modelling, is also one of the many healing modalities used by Sadhana Yogalakshmi.

A trigger behind

She was forced to look at spirituality as a healing tool when her entire family met an accident just after 20 days of her marriage. She realized power of chants to remain peaceful and more receptive to universal intelligence. The trauma did impart deep insights to her on how to remain tranquil in the midst of cyclone. It was the trigger to share her insights through workshops and various programs. Trained by various masters and trainer across the globe in the fields of Meditations and Mind Training. Being committed to help individuals to get rid of stress and burden to live every moment full of inner bliss and divinity .

Her IT Experience

She was a Software Engineer with 18  years of IT experience in MNCs and abroad. She has worked as a director in three companies. She has handled different projects for prestigious clients including Capita (UK), General Electric (USA), British Telecom (UK), Jet Airways (India), USG People (Netherlands), Homebanc Mortgage Corporation (UK), Uchida Spectrum (Japan) . The international exposure during her work life made it possible to feel, understand impact of stress globally and integrate east-west methodologies for stress-free life.

Her spiritual and healing journey

Sadhana Yoglakshmi  is into spiritual practices through singing and worshipping since childhood. Her software background also helped her to remain open and flexible to be as a spiritual scientist and researcher.

She has been  discovering new ways of healing self and masses through various tools and techniques including  NeuroLinguistic Programming ,MIND TRAINING , neuroscience, success coaching , active mediations, chanting and dancing meditation, Reiki, Pranic healing, Magnified healing and many more modalities . She did research on how ancient science of ayurveda, homeopath work in order to understand material science. It helped her to use Fire rituals to clean and purify energies more efficiently. Her quest to integrate all possible therapies with music has enabled her to collaborate with international researchers. For instance, her composition “forgiveness prayer“ and musical guided meditation “The Ocean” have been researched and demonstrated as immunity booster by centre of Biofield sciences of Pune.

Listen to her music here. Ajanta HC Music label has produced her music in the context of ancient Indian culture and has made it available across various streaming platforms.