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Harappan Script- An Enigma Cracked through Research

Image Courtesy - Financial Express

Sapio Analytics works with geniuses across the world, who are solving problems of humanity through innovative methods. Dr Puneet Gupta is a rare genius, a celebrated cancer specialist, who has also understood the biology behind language to crack all aspects of Harappan Script, opening up a plethora of knowledge not just in Asia, but in Africa and Europe as well. 


A new dimension has been discovered of the largest sleeping giant called Harappan Civilization endorsed with more than 2000 ancient sites and about two third of these ancient sites around the dried basin of ancient river Saraswati. 

Unlike the earlier efforts within these one hundred years of Harappan discovery; this is the first ever decoding of Harappan letters, alphabets, syllables, words and phonation that has been logically concluded based on innovative work of this maverick cancer specialist of India who has many “first in India” to his credit including start of first in India DNB medical oncology course approved by DNB, diploma in nursing oncology approved by Nursing council of India & Diploma in psychology oncology. He has been working on decoding Harappan Civilization objects, figurine as well as inscriptions for last ten years. He has been to British museum London, Louvre museum Paris,  National museum Delhi etc especially looking for Indus valley objects.

His “Gupta pot in pot model of Harappan Cauldron”  has been cited as most relevant by Jeyakumar Ramasami in

Gupta model for decipherment of Harappan  alphabets has brought all plethora of major Harappan speculations to a crunching halt like “myth” of non-indigenous Aryans, unlettered, non-religious, non- Hindu Harappan civilization & 1500 BC onwards origin of Vedas & Vedic related Hinduism. The amazing crackdown reveals a well-established ideation of religious culture of Veda as well as Tantra Yoga of Samadhi through all major urban walled  sites of Harappa. 

The Inscriptions and art clearly define ancient Tantra Yog Guru Dattatreya in seals of Mehrgarh, Kalibanga, Ganewri-wala, Dholavira, Lothal, Mohenjodaro & Harappa. This defines the major religious heritage of Harappan culture that has been very well preserved likely before, through (say 4000 BC to 2000 BC) & after ( 2000 BC to 2000 AD) Harappan Civilization till date in modern India Hindu fabric of Nepal, Himalayas, Himachal, Punjab, Haryana, Gujrat, Rajasthan, Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerla, 

Harrapan script breakthrough crackdown has clearly been shown as very first fully developed & lettered language of human kind. The same letters have been mother to many later Indian scripts like Brahmi, Devnagri, Gurmukhi, Tamil etc as all these are found to be based on common scientific roots of his hypothesis.

Dr Gupta shares some research from his works here, “The inscriptions related to Yog Guru Dattatreya in Samadhi & Siddha asana harappan seals clearly state 1) the very famous mantra still used by various sects of Datt-attreya ( meaning Datt the son of Atri in Vedic Sanskrit) 2) the state of teleportation in front of disciple who recalls Dattatreya in Samadhi ( samrat gami vidya) as defined in traditional holy text Datt Vajra Kavach 3) empowerment over Kaal and freedom over cycles of life & death  being in state of Samadhi & Avadhoot 4) Avataar Parshurama event of attaining mentorship under Dattatreya.”

While sharing some of the above mentioned outputs from the reading of the Harappan script, we could see how unknown knowledge can be revealed to the world. We shall be bringing you more outputs of this unique research. Stay tuned for further chats with Dr Puneet Gupta.