Elevate your Consciousness with Indian Culture

Ajanta HC has over 50,000 Artworks and Artefacts (with each piece being an integral part of ancient Indian culture and heritage, and representing one of the greatest works by humankind).

Using the same, we offer to you an opportunity to own a piece of Indian culture and etch your name in history for perpetuity. We first understand you and choose the right artwork for you to go into the history along with your name. We provide a personalised offering to you, consisting of artwork packages that may include paintings, photographs, digital arts, and a place at the Arctic World Archives. We make sure every person gets an art that speaks to them and changes their life.

Get a piece of artwork, that is individualised for you and helps you raise your consciousness, by becoming your guru in your journey of success in life.

Express your interest by selecting either of the following packages:




Framed Picture of a great ancient artwork, chosen specifically for you, and restored in its original glory




Digital Copy of Original and Restored Versions of the Artwork with a special personal message for you




Preservation of the said Digital Copy of the Artwork exclusively in your name, in an indestructible format, at the Arctic World Archive (Norway), along with your quote about the same

Preservation for the next 5 years, extendible to Eternity

Preservation for the next 25 years, extendible to eternity

Preservation for Eternity


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$2000 USD
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The above gives you right to call yourself an owner of a work that unlocks the keys to human consciousness and write your name in history through its preservation for posterity under your name; and our partner media bodies will cover the same as well, ensuring that you establish your name as a great patron of the culture of India. 

If you wish to have exclusive ownership of a limited-edition artwork (typical cost upwards of $100,000 USD), please connect with us, as we offer the same through limited channels, at specific times (special auctions).


Why buy from Ajantahc?
Ajantahc gives you an opportunity to access to the largest catalogue of Indian art, culture and Heritage from the best Artists, Painters and Photographers in the world, with all the artworks belonging to the ancient culture of India. We have over 50,000 artworks from India and Asia from different artists and many partners for different Artworks.

But more importantly, we are the only platform in the world that gives you an opportunity to own something that belongs to ancient Indian culture and is individualised for your requirements. Our Art becomes your Guru. And you become a part of History.

Placing an order
You may speak to us for one-to-one service and explanation on the phone, Zoom or other online systems available to our customers, before placing your order.
I have a question about an artwork
Need additional information or advice on an artwork? Send us a message via our online chat or contact customer services directly at info@ajantahc.com. One of our team members will be happy to assist you with your purchase!
Where can I have my order delivered?
Your items can be delivered anywhere in the world.

However, please note that once your order reaches its destination, it may be subject to VAT or other customs fees. These charges are beyond our control and you will be responsible for paying them (this is indicated at the ‘checkout’).

You can have your order delivered to the address of your choice: your home, a friend’s house, or your workplace. Please note, however, that someone must be present to receive your delivery.

If your billing address is different to your delivery address you can specify this at the checkout.

Can I negotiate the Price of an artwork?
For some limited artworks, you can negotiate the price. If the price of the work is negotiable, a “Make an offer” option will be available under the “Add to cart” button. Pricing is not negotiable for the standard packages.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: info@ajantahc.com

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The payment for your order can be made securely by credit or debit card, PayPal, or bank transfer.
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We have three offices around the world.

Ajanta HC is based in Mayfair, London, UK, Mumbai, India, and Bangalore, India, and we serve customers from across the world, and do our deliveries in all countries.