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Wondrous science behind Indian temples

Indian temple in exquisite environment
Indian temple in exquisite environment

Bangalore, (UITV): Temple is a place where one would get stress-free time to avoid worries and to lead happy life, visiting temple will give us instant positive energy. The effect of presence and having positive energy depends upon construction and architecture of temple.

There are many amazing mysterious facts behind temples, olden temples had been built on thousands of years of research and development by understanding science. There is a reason for each and every thing, which is present in temples.

While entering temple, it is very important to enter with bare feet. The reason is temple is a place which contains pure vibrations of magnetic and electric fields with positive energy, so one must enter temple with bare feet to absorb such positive vibrations through their feet to the body.

The main idol is placed in the core center of the temple and the placing of the idol depends upon where the positive energy is abundantly available from the magnetic and electric wave distributions of north/south pole thrust. A copper plate would be placed beneath the idol, it is believed that copper plates absorb energy and radiates it to surroundings.

Temple bells

Temple bells, these are made up of metals like cadmium, zinc, lead, copper, nickel, chromium and manganese. The proportion in which each metal is mixed to create a temple bell is the science behind it. the moment the bell is rung, your brain goes blank for a few seconds and you enter a stage of trance in which your brain becomes extremely receptive and aware.

The aroma from the flowers and the burning of camphor give out the chemical energy that creates a good aura while standing in front of deity.

Burning camphor

Holy water, it contains basically curd, honey, milk, sugar and coconut water by which we clean the copper idol. It is considered as blessing and the holy water which contains tulsi (Basil) leaves and camphor (Karpoor) helps to fight diseases like cold and cough.

Woman distributing holy water to devotees

Parikrama, it is a customary practice to go around the idol at least thrice. It is believed that the idol which has positive energy radiates around in its circumference, so when you perform parikrama around idol you get charged up with all the positive energies.

Temples could be considered as public positive charging places; traditionally it is believed that one should sit for a while before coming out, otherwise the visit would be worthless. People usually visit temples before going to their daily work to get good presence of mind for obtaining positive results in every field.