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The iconic Texas sandfest- A sculptors festival

The mesmerizing sculptures carved out of sand in 2018
The mesmerizing sculptures carved out of sand in 2018

Texas, (UITV): The Texas SandFest began in 1997. Since then it has developing into an extensive 3 day long festival.  Artists from around the globe come to participate in Port Aransas both as amateurs and professionals and outdo each year in the competition.  There are always changing themes every year but the prime theme/mission stays the same: “Texas Sandfest Gives Back”  Mission: To return to the community by raising funds for local charities and scholarships for high school seniors. This year the fest would begin from 27th april 2019 to 29th april, 2019.

The event continues to be held within the area of the beach over the past few years.Mile Markers 10-14 experience most of the action. Island Retreat Condominims is the closest accomodations to the event.  Sandcastle Codnominiums and the Aransas Princess are also within walking distance.  Don’t worry, try the latest Global Search feature of the website and quickly find settlement for any dates at any of the 12 resort properties we manage.

In 2014, 2015, 2016, & 2017 CCMS Inc. ( was the primary sponsor for the event.  CCMS Inc. emphasized the theme “Salute the Troops: Past, Present, Future” CCMS Inc. went so far as to pay for the admission to the event for all of their guests included in their managed resorts.

Speaking with Suzanne Altamare, Texas Sandfest Master Sculptor Coordinator on the judging crieria,shea says that “Sand sculptures are judged on originality, degree of difficulty, proper proportions, cleanliness of finished surfaces and the WOW factor,” Altamare said.

At Texas SandFest, Duo Master sculptures are judged by the Solo Masters, and the Solo Master sculptures are judged by the Duo Masters. Master sculptors judge Semi-Pros. These sculptors construct their options on years of knowledge and experience.